About Us
  ‘I have set the Lord always before me.’ Psalms 16. 8

We are a family company with a passion for planting seeds of faith.father and sons play Bible games on the rug

Frances Duffy and Linda Artus, who devise the games and write the resource books, are experienced educators who have worked for over forty years in a wide variety of church and school settings with children, young people and adults.They also have particular expertise in working with those with Special Educational Needs.

We aim to produce games and resources that are:

  • Founded on the Bible: its teachings, wisdom and history.   

    The games are quick to set up and play, that’s really important as I work in a very demanding classroom environment. (Teacher)

  • Meticulously researched for Biblical and historical accuracy.
  • Suitable for home, school, church, holiday clubs and youth groups.
  • Inclusive of race, gender and learning ability.
  • Quality products that can be used in demanding environments.
  • Fully tested. All games, rules and activities are easy to understand and play well
  • Affordable and good value for money. 
  • Fun for all ages from 3 to 93 years

We hope that while enjoying the games, activities and Bible Studies, children and adults family playing Bible card games on the carpet
will develop a knowledge and understanding of the Bible. We would like them to learn about
the stories, parables and teachings of Jesus. They will meet important Biblical characters and learn about events in their lives and the historical settings of their stories. We hope that through our resources people will be encouraged to love and serve more effectively in God’s world.

Our aim, through all we do, is that they will get to know Jesus and His teaching and
develop faith in Him as the Son of God and Saviour of the world and that through this,
they will come into a closer relationship with Him. 

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family reading the Bible together


The children just learn so much while they are playing the games and they keep wanting to play the game over, so what they learn they will really remember.(Mother,)

 Bible study group with Bible  games

 old people playing Bible card games together